The principles that apply to packing efficiently are the same that apply to curating a closet, decorating your home, and basically any aspect of your life. It's a question of realizing who you are, and what you need, as opposed to what you (think you) want.

Having just moved across the world without much of a plan, I had been living out of boxes and suitcases for 4 months between vacating and moving into the next apartment. This meant that I was living on a very small rotation of clothes to avoid driving myself crazy packing, unpacking and repacking boxes and bags. Finding out that I was pregnant, on to of all that, literally forced me out of my clothes. All of this really helped me truly understand the concept of streamlining your closet. There are just some things you can't do without, and other things that are just whims or fancies.

Unfortunately, the whims and fancies are the ones that constantly taunting us on social media, in window displays, and magazines. Most of us tend to have closets composed mainly of the whimsical instead of the basics, or clothes to dress the person we wish we were instead of the person we actually are. This leads to the sense of not having anything to wear even though our closets are overflowing with clothes. And this is perfectly understandable, I'm the last person to point fingers. Who prefers shopping for sponges and dustpans rather than candles and throws? Certainly not me!

However, understanding the functional importance of a sponge over a candle, or - in the case of our closets - of a basic tank top over a fringed skirt, is the basis of a well-curated closet. And all this boils down to how well you know yourself and your lifestyle, how honest you are to yourself about it, and how determined you are to change it if you are dissatisfied with it.

This is no definite list of must-haves that you have to go out and buy immediately, but they are categories of clothing that you can think about in terms of your own life and determine whether or not these are essential for you or not, and it which variation (think: cut, style, color, fabric...).

Know Yourself

Build your Basics