U.S.A. | The Grand Canyon

S E A S O N | Late Winter/Early Spring

This was a complete spur-of-the-moment 3-day trip which we 'planned' a few days before departure, but it was well worth it. If you ever feel overwhelmed or stressed out with the daily grind, the Grand Canyon is the perfect place to wipe all your problems into insignificance. The name does not do justice to the grandeur of the place, nor the feeling of Time at a scale so much larger than we can probably even conceive.

This is one of the Earth's open wounds, and a place where we can feel the millennia past, realizing how ephemeral our own existence is. It's a place that really makes you feel at one with the universe. The layers of rock, the trees, the water running down the Colorado River, all of us there taking it all in - we are all one and the same, we are all as old as the oldest rock, we will one day perhaps become a new layer in the story of the Canyon. (I strongly recommend watching the COSMOS series before going to really appreciate everything you see).