NAMIBIA | Etosha National Park

S E A S O N: Winter (July-Aug)

This trip to Namibia seems like a lifetime ago. It was the Summer (by Northern Hemisphere standards) that I was turning 21. I had just finished my undergraduate studies in Europe and had a long break until my Masters course started in Australia. My sister was in the same boat, so my mother, sister and I took advantage of our father's business trip to Namibia to spend 2 months there, volunteering at a local NPO while touring resorts with him. And even though it was so long ago, it seems still as clear in my mind as yesterday.

People were so friendly, and despite the barbed wire and broken glass atop every gated residential wall in Windhoek - the capital city - I never once felt in danger, even when going to the local NPO, located in a definitely less "reputable" part of the city. In fact, the younger staff there were so friendly that they taught us a couple of words in different dialects (I confess, I only remember how terrible I was at trying to pronounce the words), some local dances, and braided our hair. They were so happy and proud that people from other countries were interested in their country and culture.

One cannot think of Africa without thinking of nature. If there is one continent (minus Antarctica) where nature still seems to dominate Man, it is definitely Africa - so you'll have to forgive the large amount of animal photos! We spent most of our time in Etosha National Park. There are a large number of resorts in the area, catering to animal-watching. Thanks to my dad's job, we were able to visit quite a large selection of them, including: the Heja Game Lodge, the Okapuka Game Lodge, the Oanob Lake Resort, Halali, Okaukuejo, Namutoni, Oshakati and Ruacana.