For some, packing is the necessary evil of travel, a tedious task and an endless debate about what to bring; for others, it's an exciting opportunity to wear things you wouldn't usually be able to wear, to dress up and buy new things. For most, suitcases are too big and too full. Most of us are only going on a 1- or 2-week trip. Do we really need a checked bag and a carry-on?

I am neither a flight attendant nor a pilot. I am not a fancy jet-setter who has trips organized and paid for by someone else, traveling in first class. I'm not rich but I'm also not poor. I make mistakes when I travel, like anyone else, but I try to share what I find out and learn from my experiences so others can avoid them. I'm your average person, but I do believe that beauty and style shouldn't be compromised for functionality and comfort; and I believe that can be achieved with just a carry-on.


The TRAVEL Wardrobe

Packing Guides


Generally, over-packing arises from one root cause: your closet. I'm not saying everyone needs to pare down to a minimal closet of 20 items (though, with only20 items in your closet, packing would be a breeze!), but having a well-curated, functional wardrobe will help not only when packing, but with life in general - potentially saving you time and money.


Even with a perfect closet, there are tendencies to over-pack. There are so many items in our closets that we love, or want to try out due to new surroundings or climate. Making a little go a long way is key to packing efficiently, and this can be achieved by considering the climate and activities at destination, and choosing a limited color palette.


Style Icons


Although style is timeless, there's no denying that trends are fun. However, trends should only occupy a small part of your wardrobe and consequently also a small part of your suitcase. Understanding which trends are good for you, how to translate them to everyday looks, and how to incorporate them into your travel looks is just as important as creating the base.


Just as trends are volatile, some people's styles stand the test of time. They have managed to distill the essence of their personality in a small number of "uniforms", creating the mythical capsule wardrobe. Getting inspiration from one of these muses is sometimes all you need to form the basis of a well-packed suitcase, a kind of shortcut to a well-curated look.