I honestly believe that one of the greatest beauties of traveling is how it changes our perceptions of what is "normal". Living in the same place, surrounded by the same things and the same people, one tends to believe that the habits people have, their way of doing things is the only way it should be done, the right way. We sometimes can't even imagine or conceive that anyone would do things differently.

There are, of course, historical, religious, cultural and climatic reasons that explain why people in certain places do things a certain way; however, in this rapidly-evolving globalized world of changing weather patterns, a lot of these reasons no longer hold true. It would be such a shame to pass by some traditions or ways of life that - when you really think about it - make more sense in today's day and age than what you were raised to do.

These are some of the pearls we learn while traveling. To be immersed in them, to experience them personally is so much more powerful than to see them on television (if you notice them at all); movies and TV shows have a way of making you unconsciously doubt the reality of anything you see, if it jars your conception of normality too strongly. As much as traveling is about seeing new places, and sights and monuments, it is also about seeing the people, how they live, learning new ways of doing things, and learning about yourself at the same time. These lessons are likely to be more valuable and long-lasting than any visit to any monument.