No matter how much or how little you travel, traveling is not an experience which is limited to what happens at your destination. Traveling continues long after you return home. It is a state of mind and a discovery not only of distant (or not so distant!) lands, but also a self-discovery. Each trip you take brings you closer to a true understanding of who you are; by putting yourself outside your comfort zone, you understand facets of yourself you never even knew you had, develop new characteristics and open your mind to a completely new universe of ideas. Therefore, even once you have unpacked your suitcase, your trip is never really ended; it is just another step in the long voyage to a fuller, rounder life.

The scope of this website is really to minimize as much of the hassle of traveling as possible, so that you can focus on the beauty of travel (both positive and negative experiences are just as valuable). The main stages involved here are the pre-trip: planning and packing, and the post-trip: incorporating your trip into your daily life. The trip itself is all up to you: no-one can or should tell you exactly what to and what not to do - that final decision is yours, and a lot of the beauty of travel lies in the improvisation.




Get the low-down on crucial information for different countries, tips about sightseeing, and just general travel inspiration.




Learn how to build a closet that will make packing a breeze. Get inspiration for packing lists and how to incorporate trends.



Bring it Home

Travel doesn't stop when you get home. Try to incorporate the things you saw, ate, and experienced into your everyday life.




See some of my travel pictures, hopefully they will give you a little wanderlust and inspire you to go somewhere completely new.